Fun Limon


November 20, 2020

Emergency Ask for our families in Nicaragua! They have been hit by back-to-back Hurricanes in less than 2 weeks, including the most powerful hurricane to ever hit this very poor country. In the community my foundation serves, whole villages are gone or severely damaged. We have decided to focus our emergency fundraising on rebuilding their wells as we move into the 5 month dry season and repair or build new shelters for them. We are working with our local charity partner there in Nicaragua, Fun Limon. They will be taking on the outreach so we ask if you are so inclined, to please donate through my foundation. As always, 100% of money raised goes directly to our families and their communities. The people pictured below are all part of our family in Nicaragua and many we haven’t heard from or been able to get to yet.

& Rehabilitation

Our most recent Center was another 1st for us as we created the Center with our partner Fun Limon as there was no Center dedicated to services exclusively for disabled children. This Team Jake Center has focused on the empowerment and rehabilitation of children and young people with disabilities, with families as the basis of their comprehensive development model, under a human rights approach whose ultimate purpose is social inclusion. We are building a grassroots, organic program that is focused on the rural region of Tola, which is one of the poorest in the country. We are empowering families for social advocacy to achieve a better quality of life for their children with disabilities and increasing the inclusivity of the region.