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The vision of the OM Foundation is to empower children with disabilities and their families to live life beyond limits.

Team Jake Centers

Faraja (Tanzania)

Faraja Primary School for Children with Physical Disabilities stands proudly beneath majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.

AIC Kajiado (Kenya)

AIC Kajiado Child Care Centre was established by missionaries in 1979 for the purpose of feeding malnourished children.

Tumaini (Tanzania)

Our Center here supports a vital need of care for disabled children in a poor area.

Fun Limon (Nicaragua)

The only center of its kind in the area dedicated to services exclusively for disabled children.

Adina (Lira, Uganda)

Our largest Project ever that will be completed late 2020 and operated by our partner Adina Foundation Uganda (AFU).

Center of Excellence (Orange, California, United States)

A 10,000 sq ft multi-purpose facility in partnership with CHOC Children’s.

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We are committed to raising money to build “Early Learning” Centers that provide various types of therapies for children with disabilities.

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