Early Learning Center – Orange County

In an effort to provide a life beyond limits for young children with disabilities, to reduce stress upon working parents, and to demonstrate the efficacy of an inclusive early care and education facility within Orange County, OMF is committed to the creation of a model, inclusive child care center where every child feels accepted.

  • A center for all children with and without disabilities, providing equal access to high quality, licensed early care and education and allowing all to experience optimal development.
  • A “one-stop shop” that provides comprehensive educational and on-site therapy services (physical, occupational, and speech therapy) for children having special needs as well as wrap-around support for their families.
  • A model center of best, inclusive practices as a demonstration site for other educational and childcare professionals within Orange County and beyond.

Donations are greatly appreciated. OM Foundation is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit company so your donation is completely tax-deductible. Bonner personally funds OM Foundation 100%. In addition, every dollar donated goes directly to help build or support Early Learning Centers and raise awareness about children with disabilities.