Board of Directors

Bonner Paddock Rinn

Founder & Chairman

Gunnar Gooding

Vice Chairman

Chris Underwood


Mitchell McIntire


Dr. Afshin Aminian


Charles Hurst

Buchalter Nemer

Thomas Rinn


Ron Seaver


Carissa Bechtloff

Memorial Care

Alicia Varela Tracy

Speech Therapist

Sam George


David Abrutyn

Bruin Sports Capital

Steven Robert


Mike McConnell

Integrated Wealth Management

Cheryl Wilkerson

Young’s Market Co.

Shane Cook

William Grant & Son

Board of Advisors

Gary Charbonneau
Donavon Frankenreiter
Tanja Norris
Jud Robert
Ron Gray
Chris Burt

Dr. Doris Tunney
Tim Geiss
Vern Underwood
Dennis Kuhl
Richard Cohn
Jayson Dilworth

Katy Fetters
Brad Nadal
JJ Gottsch
Jeff Dolen
LeeAnn Christian
Terri McCormack

Paul Flores
Greg LeFever
Kent Bassett
Pat Merrell
Wendy Grover
Dane Howell

In Memoriam

The late Michael Clarke Duncan graciously donated his time and talent in narrating Bonner Paddock’s documentary ‘Beyond Limits’. We are truly grateful for his support and will forever consider him a good friend.