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Our mission is to raise awareness and support centers that provide services to empower children with disabilities and their families to live life beyond limits in their communities.

The vision of the OM Foundation is

to empower children with disabilities and their families to live life beyond limits.

Team Jake

A group of runners, walkers, fans, and volunteers raising funds in Jake’s memory.

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Team Jake Challenge

A two year program centered on the OC Marathon and other races around the world.

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Beyond Limits Documentary

A documentary that will change everything you think is possible…

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Latest News

Team Jake

  Meet Team Jake member, John Quinn. He’s not just doing a marathon, but he has signed up for a HALF IRONMAN! He’s competing in the Steelhead 70.3 on August 9th, 2015, in Michigan, and raising funds for OM Foundation’s Team Jake. John has cerebral palsy and is pushing beyond limits to raise awareness for CP. Barron Stephanson and members of his Team Jake Club at Santa Margarita Catholic High School raised $850 for the children of OM Foundation by running in the Color Me Rad 5K. Way to go Team! Ryan Wing’s 54 Second Knockout & Nearly $20k Raised for Team Jake I ask you to join me on a mission to provide hope, achievement, and opportunity to the most courageous of all our children: those deeply effected by challenges many of us couldn’t imagine enduring. Meet TeamJake Member Drew: Drew Reichardt is a 6 year old kid who raised $100 for OM Foundation at his lemonade stand by selling fresh squeezed lemonade (lemons grown in his own backyard) and homemade cookies. His Dad, Shane Reichardt, helped him set it up and 100% of the proceeds went to OM Foundation. BTW, Drew is wearing a pair of OMF’s signature Oakley sunglasses! Give a cheer for Guy Hammington and his Kiwi Krusher teammates who participated in the Portland to Coast Walking Relay 2013! Guy is a champion for OM Foundation and so far has raised $1200 for Team Jake! Thank you Guy and all the Kiwi Krushers! Mark Antenucci recently participated in the Mt. Baldy Run-To-The-Top. In Mark’s words, “It was only 7 miles, but the elevation climb and...

Book Deal & Title Contest

ANNOUNCEMENT AND CONTEST Hello all! I am pumped to announce my next big mission. This one won’t have me panting through the dark, the air empty of oxygen, as I climb the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, nor will it be a swim/bike/run on the furnace that is the Big Island of Hawaii. This mission is of a different sort, a literary one, in fact. Yes, A BOOK! With New York Times bestselling author Neal Bascomb (read Hunting Eichmann or The Perfect Mile, they’re incredible), I am chronicling my Kilimanjaro and Ironman World Championship achievements, along with my own personal struggles with Cerebral Palsy and my battle to give every child with a disability the same fighting chance I’ve been fortunate enough to have in life. It’s part inspiration, part memoir, part adventure story, in collaboration with IMG have sold the rights for publication to Harpercollins, who will release it in 2015! Now, that’s the news. On to the contest. I need a title, a real grab-you-by-the-throat, got-to-read-it, title. The subtitle will likely be something like “Kilimanjaro, Ironman, and the Moments that Make a Life Beyond Limits”–but we’re not wedded to that either. Whoever comes up with a title (and bonus points for subtitle) wins an all-expense paid trip into my heart. And, better yet, a first-printing, autographed edition of the book (with your title!!!). So, put on the thinking cap and send me your ideas. The more the better! Thanks! Thank you for all of the incredible...

Ryan Wing’s 54 Second Knockout & Nearly $20k Raised for Team Jake

    Jake has made me a better man!   Hello Friends, I ask you to join me on a mission to provide hope, achievement, and opportunity to the most courageous of all our children: those deeply effected by challenges many of us couldn’t imagine enduring. I have seen firsthand the struggles and minimized opportunities these children face on a daily basis. As many of you know, my brother, Josh, is one of these amazing life warriors. Josh has UP Syndrome (nothing keeps him down so I refuse to use the word). I spent my entire life competing in sports. Even through winning championships, playing at a high level in college, and now assuming my newest challenge; I have yet to realize the amazing achievements I see in my brother every day. He is my inspiration and a role model to us all. Today is an opportunity to help those who deserve a chance at living a full and complete life. I believe deeply in this cause and will be putting my body where my mouth is. I will compete in my FIRST AMATEUR BOXING tournament on Oct 4th in the Bad Boy Fight Night ( to raise money for children like my brother Josh. THIS IS NOT A CHARITY FIGHT WITH OVERSIZE FAKE GLOVES! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! Why did I choose to do an AMATEUR BOXING TOURNAMENT? These kids must fight every day for things we take for granted! I have never done anything like this before and I can tell you I am scared at times and during my training I’ve reconsidered (getting hit in...

“Bonner Paddock Is An Inspiration to All”

By Sylvia Delgado, CAT Chair A lot of people talk about the things they are going to do. Bonner Paddock, our guest speaker at the May CAT meeting, doesn’t waste time talking – he just does them. Bonner, who was born with cerebral palsy, has pushed himself beyond the limits of his disability over and over again. He is the first person with cerebral palsy to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa unassisted and to successfully finish the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Bonner shared pictures and videos of those events with us and trust me, they weren’t all pretty! He struggled. He was in pain. Sometimes, it even looked like he might not reach the top of that mountain or finish that marathon after he’d already swum 2.4 miles in the ocean and biked 110 miles. But he did it! That’s because Bonner doesn’t accept defeat; and we shouldn’t either. That was Bonner’s inspirational message to CAT members. He encouraged us all to set goals that push us beyond the limits of our disability or any other circumstances that may hold us back. Besides being a terrific role model for people with disabilities, Bonner is also a great example of how one person can make a difference. In 2009, Bonner founded the OM Foundation because he wanted to help children with disabilities get the therapies they needed so they could have better lives. Since then, his foundation has raised more than $1 million. It was very exciting to watch a video about the great things that Bonner is doing to support and advocate for people with disabilities in our own...

Speaking Engagements

  Bonner is a passionate and engaging speaker. His presentations focus on finding the inner strength to move forward in spite of difficult circumstances, facing seemingly insurmountable odds, setting and achieving goals and ultimately, not accepting defeat. An inspiration for children and adults around the world, Bonner Paddock is living proof that one person can make a difference. – IMG Speakers   When Bonner Paddock falls down, he gets back up in a big way. He has spent his life shaking off skinned knees, broken bones and doctors’ warnings. And at 33, he became the first person diagnosed with cerebral palsy to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro unassisted. No small feat for an able-bodied man, but a monumental undertaking for Bonner. To raise awareness of those suffering from cerebral palsy, Bonner tackled the climb with the determination and vigor that has defined his life. Eight days and 19,340 feet later, he had conquered not only the mountain, but his own limitations. From the time Bonner was a toddler, it was apparent something wasn’t right. His left leg dragged behind the right and he couldn’t maintain his balance. Seven different doctors gave him seven different diagnoses. At one point, a doctor told Bonner he’d be in a wheelchair by 15, and he might not make it past his 20th birthday. He spent time in a variety of shoes, braces and casts. But he moved forward. To limit his movement, he played goalie instead of flanker. He worked on his 3-point shot. He even stood at home plate in a cast up to his hips and had someone run for him when he smacked the...

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